Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Seth – SC, MH

In Egyptian mythology, set is the god of chaos he is
associated with thunder, desert and infertility. However in English set is pronounced Seth.
Additionally he was the bodyguard of his grandfather Ra; he was the lord of
Upper Egypt.


Seth was worshiped in many different temples. One of the
temples that he was worshiped at was the temple of Ombos. Set was
worshipped in the relatively large metropolitan locale of Sepemeru.


Seth was very significant to the Egyptian people,
because he was the body guard of Ra who brought the sun up every day. Without
the sun coming up life on earth would seize to exist. Seth wasn’t
particularly worshiped after he became the god of evil. But his religion
was the major one throughout Upper Egypt, until after the unification.


Seth killed his brother Osiris; he threw his brother
into the Nile River; where he drowned. Seth then hacked up Osiris Body and
stashed in the disembodied parts all over the desert. Osiris’s wife Isis
managed to find most of Osiris’s body parts and bring him back to life long
enough to conceive a son, Horus.



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