Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

The Thirteen Olympians by Rachel

“Happy 16th Birthday Anastasia!” My Perfect mother said as she woke me up.
“Mom its 4 in the morning, I told you not to do this, you know how much I hate
birthdays.” I said tiredly. As usual it was snowing on the gigantic mountain we
live on as Athena, my mother, ignored me. Looking over my dark room I could see
that Athena wasn’t the only person in the room. “Aphrodite what are you doing
here?” I asked my beautiful friend that was sitting at my desk curling her long
red hair with her fingers. “I’m getting you ready.” She said her harp-like
voice made every word the most beautiful sound that was ever made.

“What’s happening today?”  I asked Aphrodite,
noticing that Athena had already retreated from my room. Walking slowly over to
my bed and carefully sitting next to me she cautiously said “Your birthday
party.” She looked at me, like everyone else does, like I was a piece of glass
about to fall on the floor. I always wondered why they did that, I never thought
that that’s what they thought would happen.

After hours of Aphrodite forcing me to let her get me in a fancy dress and wear a lot
of make-up, I went down the stairs, onto the 3rd floor of the palace
that I live in,to my birthday party, completely ignorant of what was going to
happen to me and my huge family. Aphrodite moved to go next to her husband,
Hephaestus, and the 8 other giants that were standing around me all over 2
metres taller than me. “Where are Zeus and Hermes?” I asked mostly wondering
about Zeus, whom has always had a grudge against me, whispering to Athena many
times that I shouldn’t be living with them and that I will be in danger.

“Zeus and Hermes are outside; Hermes has something that he has to discuss with him.”
Hephaestus said putting his arms tightly around Aphrodite looking at her very
protectively. “Is something bad going to happen?” I asked hoping that the feeling
in my stomach was not necessary. “Sweetie, there’s something that I need to
tell you.” Athena said her owl like eyes looking at me like she has done
something she regrets. “Sit down.” She said reluctantly. When I sat down I
noticed that everyone had left. “What’s going on?” I asked. I never thought
that the answer to that little question would change my life forever.

“Um I don’t really know how to say this. You know that I’m not married” Athena said
her voice quivering. “Well you’re not actually my daughter. I’m so sorry for
not telling you. I found you near the base of Mount Olympus in a basket when
you were three years old. Your real parents had to abandon you to keep you
safe.” She said looking at me with the most genuine concern I had ever seen.
“I’m a-adopted?” I stuttered amazed that the woman that raised me wasn’t really
my mother. “Yes I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to get upset. I wish you were my
daughter though.” She said as she sat next to me and put her arms around me.
“What does this have to do with the message from Hermes?” I asked. She looked
at me shyly and said “Our ancestors, the Titans, as you know were trapped in
Tartarus by Zeus, have somehow escaped and they will fight us for their old
kingdom and, if they have found out about you, for…”She paused not wanting to
say the end of her sentence. “your death. I’m so sorry I never thought that
this could happen. I will never let them touch you.” Tears went down her
perfect face and I knew that she was going to fight for me as hard as she

I remember Athena telling me the story of the war between the Titians and the
Olympians when I was 7. She said that, before she was born, Zeus’s parents were
the rulers of the universe and that Zeus and his siblings fought against them
and, after ten years of fighting with neither side getting an advantage, Zeus
went to a place in the underworld, called Tartarus, and set the prisoners free.
In return the prisoners, the Cyclopes’ and Giants, agreed to become allies with
the Olympians. That is also how Zeus got the power over thunder and lighting,
Poseidon got his trident, and how Hades got his helmet of darkness With these
new powers Zeus was able to drown Cronus, Zeus’s father, and trap the other Titans
in Tartarus. Somehow they had escaped and of course they would want revenge.
They probably wouldn’t have attacked if they hadn’t known about me because they
didn’t have a leader.

“Zeus already doesn’t like me. What is going to happen?” I asked panicking. “I don’t
know but Zeus is going to fight for you and he does like you. He just doesn’t
want you to be in danger.” She said hugging me tightly. “The only reason he
doesn’t talk to you is because he thought something would happen to you.” I
looked around the semi-dark room wondering how that this could happen to me.

Zeus knocked on the wall “Athena can I talk to you in private?” He asked looking at
me very concerned and angry like it was my fault that this happened but still
not wanting anything to happen to me. “Okay” She said looking at me. She
followed him into another room and closed the door behind her. All I could hear
was the muted talking, almost yelling, of Zeus. “I told you that keeping her
was a bad idea.” He said very close to yelling. Even with my ear against the
door I couldn’t hear Athena so I gave up and decided to try to think of what to

“I can’t leave them. Even without me they will still fight. We are going to have
to fight and I know I’m going to be their weakest point, I wonder if there is
any way of training me that will help. Zeus has probably already thought of
that” I thought, judging by the fact that I could now hear a distorted version
of Athena’s voice, that he had just told her what I was thinking. “No! I don’t
care if it helps or not, my daughter is not fighting!” Athena yelled getting
the rest of the family’s attention because then I heard Aphrodite, Hephaestus
and the rest of the family fighting. “Stop!” I yelled opening the door “This is
ridiculous, whether I fight or not is my decision.” I said. “Anastasia” Zeus
said for the first time I could remember “I don’t wish for you to fight and no
one else does but I can’t think of anything else.”

I looked at the 12 people around me, they all loved me and took care of me. “I’m
fighting.”I said. They all looked horrified, even Zeus, whom I knew I needed to
train me. “That’s insane you are only just 16!” Hephaestus said, along with
Athena. “Anastasia you are going to need a lot of training and the Titians have
the same kind of powers as we do, it’s going to be a very difficult fight.”
Aphrodite said looking at Hephaestus for support. “And we haven’t used our
powers like that for a long time, we’ll have to train too.” Hephaestus said
looking between me and Aphrodite. “Hephaestus don’t encourage her!’ Aphrodite
scolded. “All I’m saying is that we don’t know when and where they are going to
attack and if she is here she needs to be able to protect herself.” Hephaestus
said his voice automatically sounding very confident in his theory. “Fine she
will be trained but who is willing to train her?” Athena said defeated. “I
will” said Zeus.

“Come on it’s just a sword.” Zeus said trying
to get me to hold a sword correctly in the giant gym. “It’s too heavy. Why
can’t I get a lighter one?” I asked trying to hold the sword up and hold it how
Zeus was. “The heaver the sword is the more impact it makes.” He said still
trying to get me to hold the sword correctly. “Why don’t we try something that
will help you more?” he said giving up. “Okay. I don’t think I’m strong enough
to use a sword and I don’t think it’ll be much of a help.” I said not trusting
myself to put the sword down. “I’ll take that” He said thinking the same thing
that I was.

“Zeus!” Hermes yelled flying down the stairs. “A guard of Tartarus said that they will make
it here in around two days.” He said hesitantly, looking at Zeus cautiously as
his winged shoes put him on the ground. “Two days! We can’t even hide her in
that time!” He said angrily. “Zeus maybe we can keep training?” I asked trying
to calm him down. “Fine. Hermes, talk to Athena and see what we can do.” He
said not taking his eyes off Hermes, staring him down until he left the room.

“Okay we need to see what you can do.”He said looking around the room, at everything
but me. I looked at the small amount of gym equipment, mostly huge rocks and
big pieces of metal on both sides of a metal pole. Putting his hand to his head
he said “I don’t know how I can train you, we use our powers but you are a
human so I can’t really do much besides try to get you to be able to defend
yourself against another human and even if you can if won’t do anything against
a Titan.” He said looking defeated, he went back to looking at everything but

“Zeus!” Athena called running down the stairs. “I think I remember something about her
father.” She said getting excited. “How can anything about her father help her?”
Zeus asked getting more annoyed with every word he said. “I think her father
was a Titan.” She said excitedly “Who?” Zeus asked getting anxious. “I’m not
entirely sure. It was one that fought against the Titans in the war but that’s
all I remember. I didn’t see his face but I know he is one of them.” She said
proud that she knew that. “Okay so assuming you’re right we need to find out if
she has powers.” He said looking at me. Feeling the pressure on me to have some
sort of powers I looked at Athena. “I’m sorry sweetie but I think you do..” She
said turning to look at Zeus.

I spent the rest of the day with my family trying to figure out what my powers
were and if I even had powers. “Can I go to bed?” I said yawning as I looked at
the clock to see that is was past 11 o’clock. “Okay.” Athena said looking at
Zeus. “Good night.” Every one said in unison. “Night.” I said too tired to

“Anastasia!” I heard Athena yell. I got up and ran out of my room to find her. “They’re
here!” She yelled. I found her with the rest of the family in panic as we saw
the Titians waiting for us. “She’s not ready! What do we do?” She asked
hysterically. “We fight.” Zeus said looking at the family. “You stay up here.”
He commanded.They all left to fight for my life.

They struggled to fight the Titians. Neither of the groups gained the upper hand but
the Titians were getting close. They were fighting as hard as they could,
lightning bolts hitting the trees, missing the Titians they were supposed to
hit, water coming from nowhere hitting the Olympians and the Titians. “That’s
it, I’m going to help them” I thought as I ran down the flights of stairs. Not
thinking about what I was about to do, I ran outside of the hidden house and
somehow ended up at the bottom of Mount Olympus. I looked under my feet to see
a path of trees growing under my feet with each step. It was then that I
realised what my power was. A Titan attacked Athena and the trees moved and grew
around the Titan until they completely covered him and threw him as far away as
they could. “Anastasia!” Athena exclaimed seeing me still not touching the
ground. All the remaining Titians looked at me surprised, as the path under me
unravelled to just one branch that wrapped around my waist as the others
attacked the Titians. Zeus was able to grab their distracted leader, Oceanus
and send him with the rest of the Titians now captured by trees to the
underworld for Hades to guard.

Now I am back at home writing about this amazing event that made me one of the 13
Olympians, sitting on the newly made throne with the rest of my family. The
humans will never know about me or the amazing things that have just happened.


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