Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

John Howard by O.C

My overall opinion on John Howard is quite good. He as been one of the best Prime Ministers Australia has had so far.

John Howard became Prime Minister in 1996 and stayed in power till 2007 when the liberals where finally defeated by the Labor party for the first time in 11 years.

My thoughts on John Howard is he came in at a bad time with lots of pressure coming from indigenous people for John Howard to change and introduce policies.

From what I know there has been lots of speculation about the decisions made by John Howard as not everyone  agreed with them. But in the end all of the good decisions made mainly out weighted his bad decisions.

I personally would have agreed with John Howard’s policies even though he supported the war in Iraq it was part of  our treaty between the US.

I believe that John Howard did a number of good things such as providing support and military aid to East Timor.

Over all I think that John Howard is one of the best Prime Ministers Australia has ever, he kept Australia running for 11 years and left its economy in a very strong position.


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