Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Reflection: Eric the REd, Hero or Villain? J.K

Our most recent topic in Elective History is Heroes or Villains. It is based on determining whether famous figures were heroes or villains for their actions. During this topic we have a group assignment, in which the group needs to make a documentary. Our group consisted of Julius, Sam, Byron and myself. For this assignment we must show evidence as to whether the chosen person was a hero or Villain, and what their legacy was. This was quite a hard assignment as there were many set backs, including the fact that our video did not download onto the computer, so we had to restart nearly the entire assignment. Also, for many of us in the group, it was hard concentrating while we were filming. Some of the work for this assignment was very unbalanced, with Byron doing very little, and Me and Sam doing most of the filming, and Me and Julius doing the editing, although me, Sam and Julius did the script together. We chose to do Eric the Red for this assignment, and after much research finally decided that he was a villain. This was because his selfish impulses lead to the death of many people, when he told many of his people in Iceland that a new land he had found, which was a barren, icy wasteland, was actually a fertile land, and named this land Greenland to enhance the effect. When him and the some 400 colonist arrived in Greenland, they tried to settle there, although within 400 years (long after Eric had died) the last of the colonists either died or fled. As to his legacy, he left a legacy of exploration and colonisation. This is why his son, Leif Ericson grew up to be an explorer himself, and is thought to be the first European to explore some of North America.

This documentary was hard, and required much out of school time, and a lot of organising with other people, but in the end this documentary was a success, with a good result which we were all satisfied with.


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