Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Reflection by Sarah Barker

For my elective history assessment I worked together with Lucinda and Gemma to create a filmed documentary on Cleopatra as a historical figure in elective history. During the beginning of this assessment I was away for the most part. Unfortunately this meant I was unable to help with a list of aspects such as the script, character choice and more. When I returned however I discovered that we were doing a filmed documentary of Cleopatra as a hero. Eventually the group came together and I was able to help with a number of aspects in the assignment. During this time I learnt about the myths and of Cleopatra and her efforts to help Egypt as well as her notorious romantic life. Throughout the making of the video I not only filmed Lucinda and Gemma but helped to contribute some useful ideas and techniques. I began to figure out ways of uploading the video despite the vast amount of technical difficulties and offered editing advice. Throughout this assessment I had managed to learn some surprising facts about Cleopatra (who I knew little about) and how to better work with technology in the future.


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