Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Mitchell Lowe’s Reflection.

The group I was in consisted of Daniel Watkins, Huw Smith, and myself. After choosing our group after some confusions we decided to research and study the life, accomplishments and downfalls of King Henry VIII. Huw was assigned the role of collecting and studying appropriate information for Daniel, who was in charge of putting the photostory together and I was assigned to collect relevant photos of his family and children as a backdrop for the assignment.

As a group assignment it was difficult to ensure that everyone was in charge of their role in putting together this assignment, but as a responsible leader Huw, made sure everything went to plan and we completed the assignment.
As an individual, I could have managed my time more wisely, and visited the appropriate websites to find pictures that were relevant to the information.

The class time we got to complete this assignment was very helpful, because we had less stress on doing assignments at home, seems we already had a few. Overall this was an enjoyable and quite easy task for myself, and hopefully reflects in our photostory.


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