Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Group Work Evaluation and Reflection – Nick Singh

William Wilberforce

Working in a group, I found it hard and stressful because I was automatically put into a ‘leader’ type position and had to motivate the others in my group and make sure they got the work done that was allocated to them.

I allocated everyone work to do which for the most part they did and finished. In the group I got the information that Felix had researched and put that into a script with some help from Patrick. I also made the documentary with all the pictures that we all collected and got the audio files that Patrick and Felix recorded and then put them into the documentary. Researching William Wilberforce I was a bit hesitant but after researching a bit about him I started to develop an interest in him and what he did as just one person.

Their were many difficulties that our group faced including time restraint and we also apologise for the audio on the documentary as the microphone was not working well and the voice for half of it is really low but all in all I felt that the workload was shared fairly well however I wouldn’t want to make another one.


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