Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Documentary Reflection and Evaluation – Huw Smith

I am usually not at all a fan of group assignments, but seen as Mr. Posker-Hill allowed us a generous amount of time to work on it in class, and with computers, it was much easier to assign roles, split the work more evenly, and reduced the stress on me as leader.

In my group was Daniel Watkins, Mitch Lowe and I. As this was a group task I automatically assumed the role of the leader, and delegated tasks to everybody according to their strengths. Daniel was assigned the task of writing the script, Mitch had to spend time finding appropriate pictures of the different people in Henry’s life, and I gathered some information for Daniel and put together the Photostory, which was hard for a technically challenged person like me. It was difficult to share the work equally as there was not a series of questions which could be divided up, and in order to make the documentary flow well it had to be one person speaking. Technical difficulties also influenced what could and could not be completed be particular group members.

This assignment was difficult because we all relied on each other so much as a team, and so we had to make sure for the good of the team that our individual work was completed in time for our next lesson. Overall the work we had to do in the assignment was not hard, but the difficulty was still there in that I had to use my leadership skills. In conclusion, it was an interesting assignment but I would prefer not to complete another documentary.


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