Passion for the PAST from historians of the FUTURE

Napolean Boneparte- Hero or Villain? I.R

I believe Napolean Boneparte was neither a Hero or a Villain. This is because he was a good leader and brought his country too much victory but at the same time made some bad choices for his people and many lives were lost during his time as Emperor of France. Napolean had good strategies and was a very smart man. He was a great conquerer of many countries and cities. As time passed and he gained more power and status, Napolean became more and more of a tyrant. Although he was an extremely forceful and legitimate leader he was also a very greedy man and wanted too much. His attempts to conquerer became too overwhelming for his men and many died. Napolean was one of the greatest leaders in the 1900’s but not necessarily a hero nor a villain.


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